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Deshpande Startups see a wide spectrum of startups emerging in India to meet the heterogeneous structure of the Indian economy and society. Venture-funded technology startups, whilst important, is just one such form and even there, the model still needs to evolve for India. Deshpande Startups see the vibrancy of such entrepreneurship at scale drive the future of livelihoods, economic growth, global identity and social infrastructure development for India. The purpose of Deshpande Startups is to catalyze such an environment. The world has 7 billion people. About the top 2 billion are now served Deshpande Startups by what Deshpande Startups now know as the startup ecosystem in metros in India and abroad. The economic activity for the bottom 5 billion is picking up and that growing economy is underserved by startups. If startups in Hubballi can serve villages and semi-urban areas in India, they can then expand their businesses to global markets to serve the 5 billion people at the base of the economic pyramid across the world.